We are an Intelligent Augmented Reality Platform Company

Discover the MERIDIUN AaaP® Platform, (Application as a Platform)
technology, tools and services to create and monetize
intelligent & interactive virtual experiences.


We first listen to our clients, and ask a lot of questions in order to fully understand their ideas, goals and outcomes. We strive to gain a deep sense of the target business issue, their audience, the competition, and begin to identify the opportunities in the marketplace, including the metrics that will be used to measure success. Our goal in the Discover phase, is to simply act as an extension to our clients business, marketing, sales and engineering teams and identify opportunities


We take the learnings from Discover Phase and transform it into the Detail (Plan) based on market insights, competitive landscape and business goals & requirements. We then create an outline for bringing the product, application and service to life through our AaaP (Application as a Platform). We lay out specific timelines, resource needs and project plans to provide iterative updates and changes using the Agile Scrum process.


From the Detail (Plan), we begin to Design the user experience (UX) - concepts, wireframes, flowcharts and ecosystems that are developed in line with the overall Plan. We'll develop several concepts and work up multiple workflows of what the User will experience and how the application will perform - including points where advertising, eCommerce or other content will be utilized to pull the customer toward the Goal. Using a collaborative approach, we refine the concepts until we’ve found the best possible solution for the ideal user experience (UX) and that meets and monetizes the business goals and objectives.


With the Design (Plan) outlined, and UX direction in place, we start creating the Application and the Platform that will power the solution. Development often includes a complex array of UI (User Interface) design, platform development and integration of third services and solutions. Once an Alpha candidate is determined that matches the scope of the Detail (Plan), we begin user testing, quality assurance, and reviews, and make adjustments.


When the product matches the scope of the Detail (Plan), we begin to deploy the solution(s) for testing in a live (hosted) environment, including submission of the application for distribution through any required App Store (Apple or Google). After we deploy, we utilize powerful Business Intelligence and Analytics to monitoring functional behavior and factor outcomes against client success metrics, so that performance can be improved over time. We strive to see how we can continually drive conversion, to improve ROI and make adjustments to native content and UX.

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