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We are experts in Intelligent Augmented Reality (AR+)

Intelligent experiences that change the way business, sales, marketing and a host of other disciplines are simplifying, explaining and solving contextual problems for their business' and for their customers.

AR+ Strategy

As the leading developer of Intelligent Augmented Reality technology & solutions for Business & Consumer markets, the MERIDIUN team has experience developing strategies that shape how you’ll connect with your customers using Augmented Reality. We ensure that any new strategy works to strengthen your brand and leverage your existing resources and technology.

  • Business & Brand Strategies extended through AR+
  • Market Positioning & Distinctive Advantages
  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Experiences (UX)
  • Advertising & Commerce
  • Sales & Marketing, User & System Analytics

Intelligent AR+ Automotive Buying AaaP™ connected to interactive content, buyer analytics and dealer CRM

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