5 Reasons CEOs See Augmented Reality as Core to Their Business Strategy

Jan 16, 2018 2:00:00 AM |     Robert Brown

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As CEO, you’ve got a lot of things on your plate; one of which is developing and improving your business strategy to stay current with market trends to achieve your long-term goals.  

What creative and strategic combination will you formulate to create a cross-functional strategy that satisfies the needs of your business?

The reality is that there are many elements you’ll be considering and augmented reality, AR+, is definitely one technology you should be including in the core of your business strategy.

Why Augmented Reality?

While AR+ is still in its infancy, it is definitely gaining a lot of traction and is effectively being used today by forward thinking executives and companies; so, if you’re not using AR+ in your business strategy already then you need to start so your company doesn’t fall behind the competition. 

Augmented reality is the layering of computer-generated information over real-world scenes

AR+ is one of the greatest business tools you can utilize in your business strategy because it has the ability to nurture your prospects and customers in a hyper personalized and customized way than ever before.

5 Reasons Augmented Reality is Core to Your Business Strategy!

Below are 5 reasons why augmented reality, AR+, is catching the eye of CEO’s as a core part of their business strategy.

1. Elevates Your Customers Experience

AR+ is elevating customer experiences and engagement with brands like never before with higher personalization. For example, it has the ability to create in-store product recommendations or the sole opportunity to change what consumers are seeing based on their interests, shopping behaviors and demographics which ultimately creates personal and live recommendations.

2. Differentiates Your Brand

With all the noise out there, you don’t want your brand to blend in or just be another company to potential consumers.

Utilizing augmented reality throughout the buyer’s journey can drastically help differentiate your brand or product from your competitors because you’ll be using a technology in a completely unique way that engages and wow’s more prospects while leaving a lasting, positive impression.

3. Transforms Their Educations

AR+ is transforming the process for your prospects to educate themselves about your  products or services, in real time.


4. Mobile Implementation

"Did you know that “Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites.”      - Smart Insights

With the rise in mobility and apps, you’ll definitely want to incorporate a mobile friendly strategy or an AR+ app which are easily implemented via mobile.

5. Enhances the Entire Buyer’s Journey

AR+ doesn’t fall flat at one particular part of the buyer’s journey--it has the ability to nurture a prospect from the awareness stage, through consideration and result in likelier conversions. 

But it doesn’t end there either. Since it’s a hyper-personalized business tool, it has the ability to build better brand loyalty.

Is Augmented Reality Core to Your Business Strategy?

It’s not too early to start infusing AR+ into the core of your business strategy. You’ll start seeing more and more applications of this technology used by a variety of business and in different ways, both internally and externally.

If you’re not using AR+, start by finding out what AR+ technology you could be utilizing right now to start maximizing your exposure, elevating your customer experiences, and fostering internal efficiencies.  

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