6 Ways AR Plays a Role in Your Company’s Digital Transformation

Jan 30, 2018 2:00:00 AM |     Robert Brown

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Business is not the same as usual. Augmented Reality is becoming a core part of company strategy and you don’t want to be left behind.

How will you communicate with the modern world and “WOW!” your customers? The answer isn’t as simple as paper and pen or how much ad space you can occupy--it’s your digital transformation.

What is Digital Transformation?

Simply put, digital transformation is how you’ll transform your organization’s activities, processes and more to influence a variety of digital technologies while focusing on current and future market shifts.

There are also a couple of elements to consider, including digitization which is the conversion, digitalization being the process, resulting in your digital transformation as the effect.

What’s All the Buzz About?

Buzzwords, like digital transformation and augmented reality, get tossed around a lot in this industry; in fact, you’ve probably been caught talking about the latest buzzword a time or two. 

While you can certainly talk a good game about it, do you fully understand this new arena of digital transformation and how you can get there?

6 AR+ Technologies Playing a role in Your Digital Transformation

The organization of the future will be one that utilizes digital transformation to grow, scale, and innovate. One way to hone in on recent innovations is through augmented reality, AR+, and there’s no shortage of use cases for the enterprise.

But first, let’s highlight the obvious spaces that you could be implementing AR+ in your organization.

#1 Facial Recognition & Detection

Through the use of facial recognition and detection AR+ technology, you can know the history and data of your customer’s likes, interests, hobbies and more just by their picture. 

#2 Google Word Lens

This is a handy AR+ tool because it gives you the ability to translate languages by hovering over words and phrases in one language and seeing them translated into another language on your mobile device’s screen.

#3 Google Cardboard

This technology dips a little into virtual reality, but Google Cardboard is a great tool for educators and hospitality industry professionals giving people the ability to tour cities and countries, dissect animals and ultimately explore and learn.

#4 Elevate EQ’s

AR+ technology can help you literally put yourself in someone else’s shoes to understand what they are feeling based on different body language signals and facial cues and ultimately help elevate your emotional intelligence, EQ.


#5 Navigation

Even though you may have a GPS attached to your car’s dashboard or use Google Maps on your mobile device when you travel, you still have to take your eyes off the road or rely on a voice. AR+ technology helps to keep your eyes on the road with heads up displays, HUD, that display real-time traffic, directions, speed, mileage etc. on your dashboard.

#6 Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles let you record video as you see it to create personal 10 second stories as a memorable and fun way to account and capture your day.

How Will You Use AR+ to Digitally Transform?

We’ve told you about the AR+ technologies you can start tapping into to elevate your customer experiences. But, we also know that every business is unique. How are you going to tap into the AR+ technology space and begin your digital transformation? Will it be through Snapchat Spectacles? Or, maybe Google Cardboard applications are better suited for your market. Don’t get left behind in last years news. 

Pick the right AR+ technology(s) that propel your brand in your market and start exceeding your customer’s expectations while improving your company’s collaboration and making hands-free data more accessible.

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