Top 5 Ways Leading Companies are using Augmented Reality Across their Organization

Feb 1, 2018 5:00:00 AM |     Robert Brown


Every year technology seems to break down another barrier that limits organizations. Well, that’s no longer the case; augmented reality, AR+, while still in its infancy is willing to go as far as your imagination can conceptualize.

By blurring the physical and digital worlds together with AR+, organizations have unlimited potential for creativity, innovation and competitive edge.

5 Ways to Use AR+ in Your Organization

AR+ is an extremely versatile tool that organizations can use and benefit from in many areas of their organization. Below, we’ve listed a sampling of the top 5 ways leading companies are using AR+ across theirs.

1. Education & Training

AR+ technology has transformed the way organization’s human resource departments are implementing and sustaining education and training.

With the help of this technology, and by creating real-life authentic simulations, potential and current employees benefit from a hands-on approach.

Additional AR+ training benefits, include:

  • Remote guidance
  • Interactive training

2. The Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT has definitely changed the way we do business and it has no intention of slowing down in future business trend forecasts.

When you combine AR+ with IoT, the possibilities are endless. And, at the center of it all is data.

As organizations continue to collect data via the IoT, AR+ technology can produce pertinent instructions, manuals, etc., and make them accessible on smart devices.

This benefits organizations in two ways first, by streamlining internal processes and second, by fueling external competition.

3. Buying & Selling

AR+ is enhancing the way organizations are selling goods through various apps, and consumers are loving it!

Online shopping has become one of the leading purchasing methods for goods, from clothing and furniture to cars and groceries. AR+ technology helps online shoppers and browsers visualize what something will look like in their home or on their bodies.

For in store grocery shopping, you can even change your scenery to feel like you’re strolling through a garden and picking your produce from trees and bushes rather than from off the supermarket shelves.

4. Travel and Tourism

Audio tours and artifacts are what’s generally expected at museums or historic sites; however, AR+ is enhancing cultural experiences in the tourism industry by adding layers of interaction that can take you back in time, virtually, to really visualize that specific moment in time.

AR+ applications are also positively affecting GPS mobile apps giving information about sightseeing and even translating the language of street signs.

5. Communications

As you begin to adopt AR+ integrations throughout your organization, you’ll notice how your communication advances as well.

For example, your C-suite will be able to create more personal connections with their employees which boosts their overall experience as an employee. It also helps to instill a stronger understanding of company protocols among all team members preparing them for real-world scenarios within the organization.

Will Your Company be a Leader?

There’s no limit on the many creative ways to enhance your organization, internally and externally, through  AR+ innovations.

Leading companies are adopting AR+ applications across their organizations because of the vast array of benefits and competitive advantages this technology brings. How will you lead your company into the future and pave the way for future business with AR+ technology in your organization?

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