Education with Augmented Reality

History teaches us through stories, facts, items and information

With the amount of history one has access to, it can be daunting to try and put it all in context - especially with access to all these institutions, the Internet.

Intelligent Augmented Reality simplifies historical information and brings a whole new interaction and explanation to the historical things we can encounter.

AR+ Identifies, Explains and Presents Context

By creating a dedicated mobile application that runs on any smartphone or tablet, institutions, museums and attractions can provide unique educational solutions that lets people experience [static] pictures, painting, statues, monuments, displays and more.

MERIDIUN Integrates
  • Audio, Video, 3D, People
  • Native eCommerce Systems
  • Native Advertising Solutions
  • Wireless
  • Real-time Database
  • Analytics, Marketing & CRM Integrations
  • iPhone and Android Functionality
  • Social Media

Intelligent AR+ Enabled Mobile Education AaaP Describes Objects You See

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