Omni-Channel Technology for the Enterprise

The MERIDIUN AR+ Platform

A SaaS-based platform that integrates our core technology, tools & services, and professional services to enable companies to deliver seamless content experiences anywhere, anytime.

Augmented Reality (AR+) Technology

Our Augmented Reality (AR+) technology integrates visual engagement, smart sensors, voice recognition and visual scanning to serve up data-driven experiences.

We create digital content that overlays into the physical environment to enhance product understanding, increase purchase intent, create loyalty and drive revenue for retail, healthcare and transportation companies. 

Our offerings support

  • Optical identification and object recognition of products to present simulation experiences
  • Audio identification and synthesis using cognitive data/ text-to-speech experiences
  • Geo-location to present wayfinding and navigational experiences
  • Wireless (Public/ Private) and Low Energy Beacon (BLE), RFID, and NFC based experiences

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Our solutions use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to continually acquire knowledge from the data fed into them by enterprise content management systems and user preferences and behavior.

We are enabling enterprises to intelligently serve up the relevant and personalized content on the right platform at the right time that is wanted and valued by consumers.

Our offerings supports

  • Text to speech
  • Speech to text
  • Image processing
  • Q&A conversation pairs
  • Translation

FinTech and Mobile Wallet for the Enterprise

Our mobile wallet platform enables MERIDIUN to deliver full end-to-end customer engagement, payments and loyalty to your consumers. 

By integrating ePayment and processing modules into the mobile AR+ experience, brands can now monetize their content and digital experiences offline in a retail store, at an entertainment venue, at a resort or hotel, and with smart cities around the world.

Our offerings support

  • Mobile global exchange
  • Mobile commerce platform and engagement tools
  • Loyalty & rewards
  • Tokenization as a form of payment
  • Payment terminals
  • Retail POS integration
  • Proximity marketing

So what is the meaning of SaaS ?

Consider - that intelligent mobile application on your mobile device dynamically delivering personalized experiences into the platform using logic and content stored in the cloud.


Intelligent AR+ Automotive Buying experience connected to interactive content, buyer analytics and dealer CRM

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