Intelligent Product Training

Intelligent Augmented Reality (AR+)

Product are sold to consumers today with tremendous design and functional capabilities. Likewise, tremendous amounts of money is spent to educate them on their use to create satisfaction, repeat purchases and brand loyalty.

Intelligent Augmented Reality helps simplify the training companies can provide to their customers using a whole new context.

AR+ Provides Rich Media & Info Interaction Directly with Product in Hand

By creating a dedicated mobile application that runs on any smartphone or tablet, companies can provide rich media product training while reducing the need for costly training manuals.

Through a combination of content, audio, video and 3D simulation, MERIDIUN has assembled simple and elegant product training manuals that let companies create rich content experiences that are delivered to the consumer through their mobile device, which is always typically kept in their possession.

MERIDIUN Integrates
  • Audio, Video, 3D
  • Wireless
  • Real-time Database
  • Analytics, Marketing & CRM Integrations
  • iPhone and Android Functionality

Intelligent AR+ Power Tool Training, Feature Set ID and Safety Messages

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