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Intelligent Augmented Reality (AR+)

Thousands of man-hours go into the design, development and manufacturing of products. Retailers work tirelessly to bring the features and benefits of their products in the most convincingly set of marketing messages and programs.

Yet the best laid marketing materials may still fall short as too often people miss the context of how a company intended their product to be used.

Intelligent Augmented Reality (AR+) helps solve that problem by focusing on context.

AR+ Creates a New Context

By creating a dedicated mobile application that runs on any smartphone or tablet, companies can deploy their rich content (audio, video, 3D imagery, spokespersons, advertising, training materials, etc.) and combine the content such that as a customer holds their phone over a product, the application presents, describes and communicates key features, functions and usage that otherwise may have been glossed over by the user.

The result is a more meaningful engagement of the product, including the ownership of the product as users can always conveniently go back and retrain on key uses. Since the applications are web connected content and promotions can always be updated to the applications.

MERIDIUN Integrates
  • Audio, Video, 3D, People
  • Native eCommerce Systems
  • Native Advertising Solutions
  • Analytics, Marketing & CRM Integrations
  • iPhone and Android Functionality
  • Social Media

Intelligent AR+ Product Simulator with Native Advertising & eCommerce

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