Virtual Second Screen

Intelligent Augmented Reality (AR+)

The Entertainment, TV and Sports industry spend billions of dollars creating content we enjoy 24 hours a day.

Intelligent Augmented Reality coverts the passive viewing habits of people into a dynamic opportunity to further, entertain, educate and monetize programming like never before.

AR+ Enhances Programming with Scene, Location and Personality ID

Economist suggest that 42% of people utilize some form of mobile device(s) when they watch programming in order to find related information, communicate and interact with content.

MERIDIUN has assembled technologies into a platform that enables producers and entertainment executives to expand the impromptu interaction with content simply by holding any mobile device up to the screen.

MERIDIUN Integrates
  • Audio, Video, 3D
  • eCommerce, mCommerce & Native Ads
  • Wireless, GEO, Beacons
  • Real-time Database
  • Analytics, Marketing & CRM Integrations
  • iPhone and Android Functionality

AaaP Identifies Locations, People & Situations Simply by Holding Device Up

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