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All third party trademarks referenced by MERIDIUN whether in logo form, name form or product form, or otherwise remain the property of their respective holders, and are used by us only to refer to the contextual use of the development of software and other technology and products utilizing Augmented Reality and supporting third party solutions.

Our use of these trademarks in no way indicates any relationship between MERIDIUN, Inc. and the holders of these trademarks. Rather, any usage of third party trademarks by us is to refer to such products is considered nominative fair use under trademark law.

MERIDIUN provides various software and technology that is licensed by us under both free community and paid license pricing models.

MERIDIUN is not involved in any way in the creation or production of the third party software and other technology and products that which competes with any listed trademark herein. No support, assistance, or warranty will be provided by these trademarks of products' referenced herein or to the original authors.

The distribution of our products in accordance with free community and paid licenses is in no way sponsored or endorsed by the products' original authors, copyright holders, or any other third parties.

Any usage of these terms anywhere on the MERIDIUN website is done so simply to indicate compatibility therewith.

The description of the capabilities of our technology does not indicate any endorsement or affiliation with these companies.

McLaren® is a registered trademark and service mark of McLaren Technology Group ; Cleveland Golf® is a registered trademark of Roger Cleveland Golf Company; Mercedes Benz is a registered trademark of Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC; Ford® is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Corporation Corporation; JT Racing® is a registered trademark of JT Sports, LLC; Simon Weisenthal Center is a registered trademark of the Simon Weisenthal Center; Infratech is a registered trademark of the Infratech Heaters USA; DirecTV® is a registered trademark of DirecTV, LLC; Edwards Lifesciences® is a registered trademark of Edward Lifesciences Corporation, Inc.; Schuberth® is a registered trademark of Schuberth GmbH.; Princess Cruises® is a registered trademark of Princess Cruise Lines, Ltd.; FUJIFILM® is a registered trademark of FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation; SAMSUNG® is a registered trademark of SAMSUNG.

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