Intelligent Travel & Hospitality

Intelligent Augmented Reality (AR+)

The travel and hospitality industry spends billions to attract travelers to their hotels, attractions and destinations.

Intelligent Augmented Reality simplifies how people identify these locations to determine what to do, where to go and the best options that fit their tastes.

AR+ Provides Unique Ability to Identify & Discover Locations, Attractions

Travel and hospitality companies commit numerous resources to entice travelers to visit their hotels, attractions and restaurants. Even with the popularity of Social Travel apps, users still must understand what they are looking at (context) in order to conduct a search for places to stay, eat and find things to do.

MERIDIUN has assembled GEO/ Beacon technology, eCommerce, native advertising to create solutions that simplify a person's travel by simply holding up their smartphone or tablet to a location.

MERIDIUN Integrates
  • Audio, Video, 3D
  • eCommerce, mCommerce & Native Ads
  • Wireless, GEO, Beacons
  • Real-time Database
  • Analytics, Marketing & CRM Integrations
  • iPhone and Android Functionality

Smart Travel AaaP Identifies Locations Simply by Holidng Up

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